An excellent follow-up to All I See Is War!

Given how blown away that I was by their last album, the aforementioned All I See Is War, I was hoping for a follow-up that could more than hold its own against that metal opus. And man oh man, the original five members of this band surely did just that.

This band has everything with excellent guitar riffs, booming percussion, the ability to always have the perfect song to lead off an album and the best lead vocalist of all-time, Lajon Witherspoon.

Witherspoon outdoes himself once again, as he ramps up the deepness of vocal delivery regularly throughout this album, starting with the album's second track "Love", a song that comes right after "Dying To Live", which is a textbook Sevendust opening track.

This album also has songs that remind me of their past albums, with Feel Like Going On (track four) and Desperation (track eight) both having a Seasons (their 2003 album) vibe about them, and What You've Become having both an Animosity (their 2001 album) and Black Out The Sun (their 2013 album) vibe about them. And of course, those aren't the only songs that remind me of past albums because in addition, Alone (track 11) has a Cold Day Memory (their 2010 album) vibe about it.

Subtle trips down memory lane though aren't the only thing that this band does with this album, as they have two particular songs that should be used in future superhero movies, with those two particular songs being Criminal (track nine) and Against The World (track ten). And of course, those two songs are prime examples of Sevendust continuously bringing a new sound to their sustained run of excellence. And of course, the ability of bringing a new sound isn't exclusive to just those two songs because in addition, they utilize some awesome twangy-sounding riffs in Blood From A Stone (track three) and have a song (Nothing Left To See Anymore, track 7 and my favorite of this album) that pacing-wise reminds me of the song "Some Of My Favorite Things".

Sevendust closed out their last album, the aforementioned All I See Is War, with the booming song "The Truth", which has since becoming my all-time favorite song. And while they don't have a closing track as booming as that one on this album, they have a perfect closing track in its own unique way on this album, with it (track thirteen) being the cover of the Soundgarden song "The Day I Tried To Live", which is a very soulful close to this album the way that "Angel's Son" was with the aforementioned Animosity and the way that "Shadows In Red" was with Next (their 2005 album).

From beginning to end, Sevendust once again never misses a beat on this album. And considering my personal bias for their last album prior to this one, it was not a letdown at all.

In closing, this album just like all of its predecessors is another one that is a must add to your collection "Dust"!

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